Medical Beds
Caretek offers a series of medical beds including ICU bed, electric low bed, electric bed, manual bed, special nursing bed, children’s ward bed and infant bed. They are designed by the Australian team to meet international standards. Our unique designs offer ease of operation, comfort, safety and ease of use, which all assist in effective risk management.
Aged care and recovery
Caretek also developed a series of products widely used in aged care and recovery including special aged care bed, pressure care mattress and assisted equipments such as fixed/portable lifts and slings, inclinable rest chair, mobility scooter, wheel chair, walking aids, safety shower commode chair and oxygen concentrators. Our range of aged care systems are designed to manage resident/patient outcomes by helping to treat and prevent the complications associated with immobility.
Couches/trolleys/carts/ward furniture
Caretek produces a range of medical couches and accessories to cater for a range of examination procedures and manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. The products range from Caretek-own-patented 4D spine recover traction system, newborn jaundice treatment and series of professional examination couch, emergency cart, medical cart to bed accessories such as mattress, over bed table, IV pole, X ray cassette holder and oxygen bottle holder.