Pressure care mattress

Walker Series


★ Disassembly into Four Parts
★ Maximum Driving Distance 11Km
★ Maximum Driving Speed 8Km
★ Maximum User Weight 136kg
★ Adjustable Seat Height

Walker Series


★ Maximum Driving Distance 32Km
★ Maximum User Weight 159kg
★ LED Head & Brake Light
★ Users Can Easily Adjust the Tiller to Suit Their Need
★ Dynamic Controller
★ Battery Monitor Last Working Life

Walker Series

Rollator Nursing/Junior

★ Dual-Release Paddle Button Lock The Rear Wheels
★ Soft Backrest
★ Flip up Seat
★ Lightweight Aluminum Frame
★ Size Is Suitable for Junior User(Junior)

Walker Series

Manual Wheelchairs Nursing/Standard

★ Folding Backs, Width Folded Is 30.5cm, Push to Lock(Nursing) / Pull to Lock Rear Wheel(Standard)
★ Flip Back Full Length Arm
★ Seat Width Optional 40.5 /43/45.5/48/50.5cm
★ Detachable Footrests, Widened Castors
★ Quick Removable Rear Wheel for Height Adjusting, Optional 45/50cm
★ Weight Capacity 127kg

Walker Series

Savaria K2 Stairlift

★ Easy and fast installation that eliminates the barrier of stairs
★ Ultra slim profile folds compactly out of the way when not in use
★ Comfortable and width-adjustable for best fit
★ Quiet and smooth-riding operation from the rack and pinion drive system
★ LED status lights to advise you of any issues
★ Warranty:36 months parts

Walker Series

Savaria® Stairfriend Stairlift

★ Designed for curved staircases, stairs with intermediate landings or where out-of-the-way parking is desired
★ Durable, reliable and easy to use
★ Battery operated with built-in charging stations so the chair is always ready to go even during a power failure
★ Warranty:36 months parts

Walker Series

Walker 6240-A/6240-JR/6240-JR-5F

★ Dual blue-Release Mechanisms
★ Anti-rattle "Silencers " for Quiet Operation
★ Large Number of Height Adjustable
★ Fold Easily for Transport or Storage
★ Size is Suitable for Junior User (6240-JR)
★ Compatible with 5” Wheels (6240-JR-5F)

Walker Series

Recliner Traditional/Deluxe/Uni-Recliners

★ Footrests Fold Completely under Chair, Allow the Patient Rise to A Standing Position More Easily
★ Blow-Molded Side Panels Remove Quickly, with Press Pins, for Easy Cleaning
★ Convenient Overlap Tray Included. Tabs Allow Tray to Move Freely or Lock in Position
★ Articulating Headrest Join Patient to Social Field of Vision (Traditional)
★ Flame retardant Upholstery-Meets California Technical Bulletin 117 Standard
★ Design with Patient Ergonomics in Mind, Special Padding technology on Back & Seat Rests Provides Comfort.(Deluxe)
★ Two Convenient Side Table for Holding Prep Materials.(Uni-Recliners)
★ Gas Cylinder for Instant Trendelenburg Positioning for Shock Patient(Uni-Recliners)

Respiratory Series

Platinum Series Oxygen Concentrator 5LXO2AW/5LXO2AWQ/9LXO2AWQ

★ SensO2-System Monitors O2 Purity Real-time
★ Time of Operation Is Up to 24 Hours Per Day, 3 Years Continuously
★ 0.3μThree Layer Filters for Purity
★ Set 0.3μThree Layer Filters for O2 Purity(5LXO2AWQ)
★ Quiet Design(5LXO2AWQ/9LXO2AWQ)
★ Maximum 9L per Min. O2 Flow Rate (9LXO2AWQ)

Respiratory Series

Perfect Series Oxygen Concentrator 5PO2AW/5PO2AWV/Outlet HEPA

★ SensO2-System Monitors O2- Concentration in Real-time
★ Smaller and Lighter
★ 75% Quieter than Platinum Series
★ 25% More Energy Efficient than Platinum Series (5PO2AW)
★ Compatible with Invacare Oxygen Concentrator (Outlet HEPA)
★ Import Specified Conpenent (Outlet HEPA)
★ Material Enviroment Friendly (Outlet HEPA)
★ Recommend to Change Filters During 1500-2000 Hours Working Time (Outlet HEPA)

Care Series

Monarch Portable Ceiling Lift

★ Light Weight with Convenient Handle for Easy Room-to-Room Transfer
★ Safely Lifts Persons Up to 200kg
★ Long Lasting Battery and Ultra-Fast Charge 2 Hours for Maximum Up-Time
★ Optional universal Slings and Hygienic Slings
★ Made in Canada


Ocean Series Shower Commode Chairs

★ Backrest Lower Adjustment
★ Seat Tilt Can Be Individually Adjusted
★ Supply Comfortable Bathing experience
★ Secure Easy transfer
★ Position Over the Toilet Directly
★ Optional-Soft Seat Insert, Toilet Pan with Holder and Cover


Sorrento Shower StoolW/Armrests/Chair/BathBoard/Grab Handles

★ A Secure and Comfortable Seat
★ Quick Knock-Down Design with Commode Opening and Backrest
★ Compatible with Bathtub (BathBoard)
★ Assembly Using Vacuum Lever (Grab Handles)
★ Available in Two Lengths 45/55cm (Grab Handles)